AG Wizenmann

Mitglieder: PD Dr. rer. nat. Andrea Wizenmann, Ulrike Kohler, Kiona Lim

Normal function of the nervous system requires that neurones are wired precisely together. The diverse functions in the central nervous system – from cognition to movement -  depend on such orderly neuronal networks. These networks devlop in the embryonic brain through a precise control of proliferation and gene expression. Our Lab focuses on mechanisms and molecules, which regulate the different patterns of proliferation and differentiation in ventral and dorsal midbrain regions. In particular, we study the influence of different factors (transcription factors and micro RNAs) on cell proliferation and gene expression patterns and try to work out if and how these factors regulate each other. Tissue transplantation, protein overexpression or knock-downs together with molecular and immunohistochemical techniques are combined to study these questions.

Our methods and subject brought about collaborating projects with the groups of Dr. Mack and Prof. Dr. Just and Dr. Gleiser/Prof. Dr. Hirt.